Graduation Day

Today is Graduation Day

Thank you so much for joining me in this adventure to being more alive inside and out. I hope my use of previously written blog material from Soul Pony did not make you feel like you got cheated out of  lessons. I know some of you may have read those posts before. I just thought they were an important part of this process of waking up our souls and didn't think it was necessary to rewrite some of those ideas to place them here.

Let's take a quick moment to review where we have been.
  • started out looking at our ideas about who and what we are suppose to be and questioning if any of those ideas meant anything. 
  • We did some stretching and breathing to make sure we are using our bodies like they are meant to be used and to hopefully help hold back premature aging. 
  • We took care of our nails and faces also in an attempt to prevent issues later from neglect and also to make us feel better
  • We took time for ourselves and evaluated if it made a difference in our stress and if it created more mental stillness.
  • We meditated to give our minds time to unwind and spend a bit of time in relaxation.
  • We talked about all the ways society/the world takes us out of being who we are truly meant to be. 
  • We took time to try to get back to who we are meant to be. 
  • We talked about making mistakes and not letting that pause our growth.
  • We talked about finding ourselves so we could find our other. 
  • We talked about gratitude and how we can benefit from having it as well as practicing it daily through this course.
  • We talked about perception and how ours can effect us and how we relate to others.
  • We talked about what makes you special and why you should cling to that.
  • We also spoke in length about how society effects the way we see the world almost like we are programmed by all we have witnessed since birth.
  • We spoke about and also experimented with our emotions and tested how much control we can have over them just by making a choice to do so.
  • We also talked about the importance of play.
  • We also spoke about the different ways words and thoughts can have an effect on people and our surroundings. And about our connectedness to our surroundings.
  • We also talked briefly about how hardships can sometimes be lessons.
  • And what about power posing and the Haka?
  • We also walked back through who we are and whats important to us and made a music playlist to remind us who we are and how we got here.
  • We talked about different ways of being and hopefully came a little closer to being more accepting. 

Here is the final exercise:

If you are down to try a little experiment with me, here’s what we will do for the next week:
1.       Smile at every stranger and in the quiet of your mind, just say to them, Hello Soul.
2.       Do not prejudge a single soul. Not those you know. Not those you meet this week. Not those who you know have done terrible things and also those you know who have done awesome works. Just don’t judge them either way.
3.       Forgive yourself for whatever you feel you need forgiveness for and don’t take it back.
4.       Send love to the people of the world you do not personally know. Send it to those you both agree & disagree with and to those you don’t know either way because you don’t know their reputation at all.
5.       Think on the people who you feel have wronged you and send them love like beams of light straight to their hearts.
6.       If you cannot do #5 do this meditation:
Imagine you are walking to a playground and as you walk you get younger and younger until you are about 4 years old. Imagine yourself playing with your friends and other children that you do not know. Now for a second think about those people who you cannot send love to. Picture now that they are walking towards you on the playground and as they get closer they get younger and younger until they are also 4 years old. Now spend some time watching them play. See their innocence. See their childlike perfection that has yet to become a person who in the future might hurt you. Now think about people you have hurt in your past and see them walking towards you growing smaller as they get closer. Now you all play together. Think about that time when you were all innocent with no intent to hurt anyone and yet we all have. None of us have made it through life causing zero harm to others. We are all just innocent children on a playground wanting to just be loved as we are. Now join hands with everyone on the playground and walk yourself back to the present. Try to keep this innocence with you.
7.       Try as hard as you can to just give love for this one week. Forget about why you feel any sort of judgment against any person or any group of people. Doesn’t matter what they’ve done or what you think they might do.
8.       Every time you fall off this love wagon just remember to get back on. I know just like you, I will be falling off a lot and having to saddle back up. I am going to give it my all and I hope you will too.

Guys we have been there and back and I thank you so much for playing along and I hope you got everything you hoped for from this process. I hope we all grew together. If you made it this far you are really trying and I know you are serious about making your life better and being more in touch with who you really are in that space in you that only you can know, the soul.

Hello Soul. I hope you are awake.


Go forth in your day and shine.

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