Lesson 1

Make sure to complete your four everyday exercises along with today's class where we will explore our beliefs on being an ideal person.

Do you believe that there is a way to live your life or a way to be that would make you more accepted by society. If obtained, would that elevate you to a position that people would look up to you and want to be like you? If so, what do you base that opinion on? Are you trying to be like someone else you look up to or like someone that represents the kind of lessons you've learned in life? 
Take a moment to reflect and maybe journal about what you believe the ideal person is. What traits do they have both physically and socially. Just to cut straight to the chase, if it were possible (and we know it is not) to be a perfect person, exactly what would that look like to you. Really take your time with this and explore it from every angle. Here are few things you might think on as well as anything else that makes sense to you to examine.
Are they attractive or does this matter?
Are they successful or does this matter?
Do they have a lot of money or does it matter?
How do they dress or does it matter?
Do they go to church or does it matter?
Do they own a home, do they rent, are they homeless or does any of that matter?
Do they live free/off the grid or is their life more like the "American Dream"?
Do they have an accent or speak with a different dialect because of the region they live in of does it matter?
Are they conservative or liberal or does it matter?
Are they single or married or does it matter?
Do they have children or does this matter?
Are they extroverted or introverted or does this matter?
Do they have a wide circle of friends or are they self reliant with little need for being social or does this matter?
Are they close with their family or does this matter?
Did they have nurturing parents or does that matter?
Do they play any sort of sport or does it matter?
What traits do you feel make them seem special and a goal to work toward?
What ultimately makes them seem ideal?
Do they have anything in common with you?
Do you feel like you are like this ideal person in any way?
If not what makes you different?
Do you feel like less than this person or like you don't measure up to the ideal?
Are you already what you consider to be ideal?

After you have really examined your thoughts about the ideal person think about why you believe the things you believe about them? Where did you get these ideas? Do you believe these ideas have any value in your life?
What if I were to tell you that there is no rule book on being ideal? What if I said that this is one of the ways that society took you off your path and made you forget who you are? What if I said the only reason one would think there is an ideal way to be is just fear? What if I said these perimeters have nothing to do with being proper and that they only ensnare you in a cage that prevents you from being fully who you are. The ideas of what you should be means you are not being what you already are. What you should be is what you already are. Striving for anything else just says one thing about you. What it says is what I am is not good enough and I won't be good enough until I obtain what I believe I should be. 

What if I said that you are not your beliefs, your body or personality? You'd at some point want to know who you are then.

If you asked then, "if I'm not all those things, then what am I?" I'd say you are that part of you that knows to ask that question. The you that is internal and not the external part that you show others. That you is merely the costume you wear to play the character you believe that you are or should be. What you really are needs no costume. It is the truth about you. To assign human characteristics to this part of you would be like trying to clothe the wind. This part of you is free, perfect, love, peace and all that is magical. Forget all the other things you have believed about yourself and know there is a glistening universe inside of you.
Go forth in your day and shine

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