Everyday Exercises

Although each day will bring a new exercise, there are few things I'd like for you to try to practice everyday along with that day's exercise. Here is the list: 

1.  Meditate - at least 3 minutes each day (you can sit still and listen to music for this as well) 
2.  Internal Expansion - 10 seconds - I usually remember to do this when I'm in the shower * see note/explanation  below
3.  Deep Breathing - take at least 5 deep breaths 3 times throughout the day - set an alarm on your phone to remind you
4.  At the end of the day list 3 things in your journal that you are grateful for even if it feels like you have no reason to feel grateful

 *Note:   Internal Expansion - Extend your internal self fully out into every inch of your body for at least 10 seconds. Here is how you do this. Feel through your body to find where it feels like the you that  you are has set up camp. For some it may be the chest and for others the stomach. When you find that spot notice how it feels like your internal self is folded up almost fetal in that spot. I don't mean in a real life physical sort of way. I mean you will feel like there is a place in your body where the thing that you are is actually hanging out. Now, from a  standing position, imagine that this part of you starts to unfold and stretch. Imagine it like dressing a baby in a footed sleeper. Your internal self is the baby and your body is the sleeper. Feel that part of you actually start to stretch itself out into every inch of your person until it is fully extended and in that last second feel yourself stretch even taller. Make your eyes level and really feel the expansion and then take it with you through the whole day. 

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