Lesson 4

Make sure to complete your four everyday exercises along with today's class where we will examine different ways of being.

Do you ever dismiss anyone who you see as not like you? If you do, why do you think that you do this?

Our society has been churning out almost factory made humans for so long we stopped examining other possibilities. 

If someone chooses to live a life without money we assume that they are crazy. Suelo is the perfect example of this. He lived for more than a decade without using money. He was free to explore the world in whatever fashion he chose. No part of what he did was out of laziness. He just yearned to live a life outside the system. He worked in a community garden, took part in writing a book that he did not accept money for, did a speaking tour of college campuses that he did not take money for. He has taken in other individuals to help educate them on the ways of living moneyless and was not paid for that. I think that he yearned for a life where he wouldn't be controlled by having to make money to survive and he succeeded just like all the others that came before him whose existence is not reliant upon having money. In the US many times these people are seen as barbarian or uncivilized but what they are is free. That is not the insane concept. Being enslaved by our dependence on money is the insane concept. Being enslaved by our dependence on money is also part of our quest to be the ideal human being. It is a real thing because we believe it is. 

Let's spend time today to really examine how we view people in the world that are different from us. Journal about all the ways people live that are different from you. Think about the belief systems that govern their life and why you think they may think like they think. If any of the things you journal seem to make you feel irritation at the other people you journal about, think about why you may be bothered. Examine where these emotions come from and if they are real or if you may have learned them from people you are surrounded by. Then think about how those people who taught you to be bothered by this thing may have arrived at their intolerance. If you start to see yourself in a negative light while examining these things, give yourself a break and remember that we are on our way out of the woods where we get to decide to be more loving. The fact that you would take time for this shows you want to evolve away from your old way of thinking. That is a reason to pat yourself on the back. 

Go forth in your day and shine.  

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