Lesson 5

Make sure to complete your four everyday exercises along with today's class where we will examine the things we value as a society.

Money is paper. The fact that it can be used to acquire things is the power we give to that paper. Diamonds are stones. What makes them more than that is our belief in their preciousness. So we shell out paper for stones to make us seem more idyllic. None of it is real and we don't stop to question that. 

For today's exercise let's examine items that are valued by society and think on how we arrived at believing they have real worth. So, journal a list of everything that you can think of that people would pay a lot of money for and then think of the characteristics of those items and examine if there is any real value for their circulation in society. Is a really expensive car any better than a cheap car or do we value them because they make us feel like they will help us to ascend to the top of that pyramid to sit on the throne? That is just an example for this exercise. I know you can think of many many other things to add to this list. 

Go forth in your day and shine.  

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